Total Retail conducted a research study to understand how 100 omni-channel retailers were responding to new health and safety mandates. They looked at publicly available information about each retailer’s COVID-19 response measures as well as the in-store customer experience, as experienced by secret shoppers. The first round of visits were conducted in the summer. To evaluate their progress in the months since, an identical follow-up assessment was conducted over a three-week period in December. 

As part of our study sponsorship, we got access to the raw data and set our data scientists loose. What we uncovered can help retailers drive better store execution while keeping employees and customers safe.

Download the report to learn:
  • The categories where retailers improved and where they fell back
  • Which category of retailers did the best in the study
  • Why communication tools users outperform their peers that make-do with hobbled together solutions
  • The top performers in the study
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